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Router for Guitar Build


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I've acquired a number of tools from my uncle and will finally begin

something ive always wanted to do, Build an electric from scratch


My lovely wife bought me the new dewalt "palm" router with plunge base,

but its only 1.25 Horse Power.


there are mixed reviews on what the minimum recommended HP for routers

should be. Some say a 1.25HP router is fine and does a great job shaping

the body and cutting cavities, others recommend more power


Ill be making the body and neck etc...

First one will probably be out of Cedar


Does anybody have any advice????????


will a 1.25HP Dewalt dwp611 with plunge base attachment get me from wood to

body, neck and beyond?????????



thanks in advance

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The two things you will be most concerned with first are the base type, and the collet size. (did I spell it right?)


A plunge router is a base that moves up and down. Routing pickup holes, for example, a plunge router would be wanted. For bevels and shaping, a fixed, or adjustable base.


The common shank sizes are 1/4" and 1/2". That's basically all about what bits you can get your hands on. (I think that's the "collet"?...for some reason, doesn't sound right).


Anyway, THOSE are going to be the main considerations in whether you can use a particular router for a particular job. The better routers have different bases that will work with that router, so you buy another base. Bits are expensive. And it's all about the jigs and templates from there.


If and when HP or size matters, it won't come into play until you do a lot with it. Unlikely you will wear it out on one guitar or project, but a less powerful router will loose some speed while cutting, which affects the cut, which means more follow-up finishing. Generally you would use multiple passes or different bits. More power will only really get you the ability to use bits that take out more wood in one pass and still be smooth.


Long post for few points. Basically, price your bits and bases/jigs/templates first.


"1.25 HP" is fine for a LOT of things.

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I agree, that router will cut just fine, but in smaller bites is all. Make sure when you use it you have a good template guide for the router bits and just do multi passes moving fast enough you don't "burn" the wood, but slow enough you don't bog down the RPM's on the router. A 3 1/2 hp router will do a complete cut in one pass but I've used and seen MANY really quality woodworking "big boy" cuts done with a router & router table setup turn out just excellent with a 1 3/4 hp router in a table too. Just practice some cuts with that router and get use to what it will & won't do, then have at it.



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Great Response guys


My generous Uncle just emailed me that he has a fixed base higher HP router with nice bits that he's giving me as well, guess now i have 2.


Cant wait to get started, first i need to build a nice workbench,


i'm planning on documenting the build, ill start posting picture updates into a thread in a few weeks

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