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Even newer Epi pickguard problem


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Apologies for starting a new thread when there's a pickguard one still on the first page


After customising two Epi LP's last month, I had a thread on here re weird pole widths on one of the guitars, I've decided to make changes to my Epi '56 LP.

One of the things I'm looking to change is the white pickguard to black but when I look online it only appears to be Gibson ones which specifically state

will not fit an Epiphone. I'm wondering what the difference is re the P90's, placement or whatever


Also, does anyone know where I can get a black pickguard which will fit a 2014 Epi '56 LP, I'm in UK, I have two websites, one UK and one US, which will build

to order but this is trebling the cost of an off the shelf replacement. As bespoke P90's will be added, new switches, pots and wiring and a trem fitted a black

replacement which I don't have to have bespoke built would be appreciated but not essential as the bespoke option is there, just fishing to see if there's any other options

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