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My J-185, is it authentic?

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Hi everybody,



As a long time admirer of Gibson guitars and proud owner of a 1973 Les Paul Custom and 2005 Es-137, I have just yesterday purchased a J-185 from this guy from nearby Croatia.

At a first glance, it looked beautiful, played nice and was in mint condition. but when I got home, I started doubting the authenticity of the guitar. I googled "J-185 china" and search resulted with many pages of cheap Chinese copies.

Hereby I enclose some photos for all of you, so you can judge the instrument.

It only has one volume knob glued to the inside of the soundhole, which I find strange. I hope I'm wrong.




Dino, Bosnia

post-77364-024621600 1457115201_thumb.jpg

post-77364-098061100 1457115257_thumb.jpg

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