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NGD sg junior 2000 need your help please

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Hi guys,I have just bought a second hand sg junior dating from 2000, the batwing pickguard model.

One guy in another forum told me that the fingerboard can be made of richlite, I am mostly a telecaster guy so I am not expert on gibson stuff.


Can someone help me clarifying this aspect?


Here is the link for some pics




Thanks guys!

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Based upon that photo from the other web forum, I would say that you have an ebony fingerboard on your second generation SG Junior.


Richlite has a much smoother appearance, and I can confirm that Gibson used ebony on a lot of 2000 models including my Les Paul Copper Top.


The more recent (3rd generation) SG Junior models have a baked maple fingerboard which is quite dark, but those were pushed out in 2012 and beyond, not back in 2000.


Not that there's anything wrong with Richlite fingerboards. I have nothing against them whatsoever, but it looks like you have ebony there.


I hope this helps.


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Thanks so much for your reply!

It is exactly what I thought, just was asking for confirmation.

I am not a gibson expert...:-)


Thanks again!

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