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Lost another friend.


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An old friend John Thomas has died. I used to see him with a friend and his playing was amazing. He could make a rubbish guitar sound like a custom shop.

He played for the band Budgie. I know they were big in Texas, but not so sure in the rest of the US.

There is so much affection being shown here in the UK for him on social media.


He didn't play on this original recording. But it was their biggest hit.

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One of the worst things about getting up in years is losing friends and family. Having lost both Parents, I recently lost an Uncle, and almost immediately realized there were some questions about family that no-one could now answer.


Nothing really important mind you, just little tidbits here and there, when did so and so move to such and such, etc.


And to add to that, suddenly, or so it seems, to be one of the family elders.


And not know the answers.


Losing friends adds the fact that they are far closer to your own age, usually, and YOUR mortality comes into the picture. After having a pretty lengthy writers block, I've somehow found these things quite easy to write about and wonder how it will effect my songs in the future. Time will tell.


Sorry about your loss.

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