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Need help with rare Epiphone Les Paul from Sweden


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Hi everybody I am a new member from Sweden.

I am new to this forum, I found this when I tried to find any information about my Epiphone Les Paul custom I bought second hand.

The guitar should be super rare according to the seller, he claim that this model was only made in 12 copies exclusive for the nordic market.

The guitar is manufactured in year 2000, and the seller bought it new for about 900 euro.

Now my question, does anybody know anything about this rare guitar?

I have searched all over the internet but can't find any guitar that looks like this one, so I am sure it's very rare.

I think the wood on the guitar is korina (not sure, but it looks like it). The s/n is U00071560.

Any information about this guitar would be very appreciated

post-77352-078988200 1457188963_thumb.jpg

post-77352-001345600 1457188988_thumb.jpg

post-77352-025153100 1457189058_thumb.jpg

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Well, it was made in the Unsung plant in Korea in 2000. Looks like a good one - abundant binding, even on the headstock. Checking ebay completed listings, apparently some fancy Epi Les Pauls do sell for upwards of $1,000, although you can get a brand new LP Standard plustop pro for around half that (well, maybe it's different outside the U.S.).

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Every thing on this guitar is original as it was when it was new in The store.

I would be happy to post more photos but

This site only alows 500 kbyte.

Best thing is uploading hi-res pics to an account created at a cloud photo provider like photobucket and paste the IMG links into your post.

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