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Lots of good things going on in the videos of these guys. Their vocals and songwriting remind me a lot of young Simon and Garfunkel. The relationship between the two instrumental voices is much like that between Gillian Welch's J-50 and David Rawlings' little Epiphone archtop.


Amazing how well a mahogany slope-J blends with the cutting treble voice of a smaller guitar played up the neck. Gives you more respect for both kinds of instruments, not that there's any shortage of slope-J love around here.


Thanks for posting that.

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dig it! Saw these guys on a bill with the Lumineers and Old Crow on a hot summer night in Maine once. IT WAS AWESOME! The lumineers KILLED it. I don't remember these guys being this good though! Ill have to get their album!


Whats with the bandana tied above the capo? Is this for decoration or does it serve an acoustic purpose?

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1457498918[/url]' post='1749448']

Very competent - they manage to combine loyalty to the roots with something somewhat fresh.


Here they are at the Tiny Desk


2012 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp0xjVzmKxY




"Psssst, , , get a thinner cloth"


Yes I know the problem I suffer from this on my J45 if capoing above the 5th fret . I now use two capos one on the fret required and another between the nut and the capo

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