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Casino vs Elitist Casino

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Hey folks!

Said I'd do this a while back, and here it is! A back to back shootout between my Standard Casino and Elitist Casino -






PS - the guitars pickups & wiring are stock - I took the pickguard off the standard, and on the Elitist I changed the pickguard to a black one, plus swapped out the grovers for grover locking.

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Awesome! I've been doing the research into a casino lately, and was absolutely looking for something like this. thanks for taking the time to put it together.


I think there is a difference between the two, but it was surprising (maybe it wasnt) how the standard holds its own. I think that if you've got the money for the elitist it's definitely worth it, but the standard certainly gets the job done.


I'll likely go standard, unless they find a way to do a nitro-finished elitist for a little more than the current run.

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Thanks everyone! Glad you're all enjoying it.


The Standard definitely holds its own, its a great guitar. The tone of the Elitist is slightly darker and woodier, and has a touch more liveliness, but overall they're both excellent. The other thing you'll tend to get with the Elitist is higher quality wood (the back of the guitar, which I didn't video tape, is stunning) and the Grover tuners, better quality electronic, etc. Plus the purple plush case lining!


I wouldn't sell or trade either of these guitars though, and I've used them both in the studio, they both stack up against guitars that cost 2/3 times as much.




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