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Few licks on my brand new 335


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Sounds great!!I'm sure you'll love it! [thumbup] [thumbup]


Oh yes, I was feeling very bad to let my Custom go, but by just playing few hours on it, it sounds so well, the tone is so warm and it is for sure lighter than the heavy weight Les Paul Custom :)

The Les Paul Custom was a beast and during my heavy/rock/stoner years it was the perfect companion for me.

But since I am only in Blues Rock stuff, I could not find the tone I like but this is just my opinion.


I still like Les Paul but I am quite sure a R8 or R9 will fit better my tone quest than the Custom.


Can't wait to try it live, I have a show the 18th of March, I'll just have to find the perfect position to play it, because of the body size it change a bit the way I usually play on a Les Paul, Tele ot Strat

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Very cool man, nice chops! 335 was a dream guitar for me and I finally picked up one last year and since acquired a couple more, bitten hard by that bug. Recently got a Midtown too and did a comparison video myself. Both are great playing guitars but nothing touches a 335! [thumbup]



Sorry can not figure out how to embed?!

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