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I bought a EJ200NA ser #Y211556 with hardshell case at a pawn shop yesterday. The lable inside is oval shaped with a women in the center. The model and ser # are stamped. At the bottom it says made in Korea. I assumed the N was for natural but it looks blonde, and I don't know what the A is for.. The see # on the web says it was made in 2002 in Korea. But there are two things on it that are not like all the other EJ200 I have seen. One is the black plate above the nut does not say (EG), it says (Gibson). The other thing is the pick guard does not have the floral pattern on it. Everything else is the same, the crown inlay on the fret board and the mustache saddle. I don't know if that is the way they were made in 2002 or if they put the wrong pick guard on when it was made, or if it was damaged in shipping and the dealer replaced the pick guard, and then what about the plate that says Gibson. Has anyone seen this or know anything about it? Also I heard they don't make the EJ200 anymore.

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