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truss rod tweak


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after getting a basic set up by lowering saddle slightly the git played better but seemed a little "tight " meaning strings seemed stiff, a minor turn of truss rod ( loosen) relaxed the strings and now is much more comfortable and 'easier' , sounded better as well, a little bit can go a long way.... or is it my imagination ?

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The right tr-turn can create small miracles. Just don't overdo it.


Make sure the neck is straight (fx approved by pro luthier) - then set a little panzer-paint mark in straight-up-position - 12 o'clock.


Get the right key and go gentle. Never back and forth like a circus, but highly sensitive and not more than '2 to 5 minutes' at a time. Stay below 15.


Results can make the guitar hit bulls eye action wise - and might have influence on sound.


Take care & good luck

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