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Simple, Elegant, Precise dancing on an Awesome Gibson


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That's great for a lot of reasons. First is the song and the performance, as you say. A real "sportin' thumb".


Second, it's a near-perfect example of the "Gibson bass thump". I can't tell if he's muting strings or if it's just the straight effect of that guitar.


Third, the guitar looks like a really nice example of those late 1950's-early 1960's slope-J's with un-scalloped top bracing. They are perfect for this type of music.

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Nice old natural parallelogramed slope in good shape there. A at the same time clear'n'woody sound.


Lots of fat bass though I'm almost sure he dampens the strings with upper left palm meat.


Also a very defined higher register, which comes through here and there - fx at 2:43 where his playing almost reveals a hint of 'jazz voice'.


He could have given us an A/B/C with those 2 sibling hanging on the wall. Guess he was too hooked on this 1 to consider. .


They ought to find a room.






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