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original Gibson Nighthawk (3 pickup) wiring problem


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I acquired a 1996 Gibson Nighthawk SP3 a while back, but I hadn't played it in years until recently. That's when I found that one of the switch positions produced no signal. I took a look inside, and it looks like a previous owner did some sloppy re-wiring (unless that's how they came from the factory).


Anyway, I searched and found a wiring diagram on Gibson's website and wired it myself, but I still couldn't get everything to work correctly. Figuring it was the fancy switch, I ordered a Fender Super Switch and wired it according to the wiring diagram. This gave different problems, so I'm thinking that the switches work differently. After that, I went BACK to the original switch and STILL can't get it to work correctly. The wiring diagram on Gibson's site seems fairly clear, but maybe I'm missing something.


My question: Could someone provide photos (or maybe a more clear diagram) of the wiring in the 3-pickup Nighthawk? Or maybe confirm that the Fender Super Switch is a suitable replacement?



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