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Jimmie D.

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I have been reading some old posts regarding the Gibson GA30RV. I have one I am trying to repair. I would like to know if anyone knows if the original power supply was a cap can type and if so, what the brand and part number or any other info., on the original power supply? Also, does anyone have a chassis layout for the GA30RV?


I appreciate any info.


Thank you,



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Some of those amps had firecracker type filter caps. Not sure about that particular model. I don't think they had cap cans originally. Those amps will have an old clip that holds two caps down to the chassis - the clips are about 7/8" diameter. Some guys will replace the old firecracker caps with a new cap can. You'd need one like THIS with a clip like THIS.


You need one 20uf and two 10uf's, right? You'd use 3 of the available tabs and not use the fourth tab. Make sure you can physically fit the 1-3/8" diameter cap can in there - there should be enough available depth. You'd lay the cap can down on it's side and clip it to the old hole. Modify the mounting tab on the clip so you can bend the clip over so it holds the cap can horizontally.


If there's already a cap can in there then somebody's already replaced the old caps. If there's an old modified clip in there just remove it and replace it with the new clip.


I don't think they have layouts for those amps. Not 100% sure.

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