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Hi, for those who are interested I put a quick video on youtube of some old amps I have.

All the amps are serviced and play and I would love to find the time to upload demos of them all.

If anyone has a vintage Gibson that I don't have please let me know.

There is a local guy that says he will take some high quality video for me "when he has some spare time".

Each of these amps has a matching laps steel. http://resonatorandlapsteelguitars.blogspot.com.au/


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Sweet! I have a BR6 that belonged to my dad. His brother bought it new in the early 50's, and it eventually passed down to me. It was used a lot and it shows--I'm missing the "G" label on the front, the leather handle, and much of the original covering, but that thing sounds sweet when I crank it up. One of these days I'll put the time into restoring it so it looks as good as it sounds.

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