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What's for breakfast,lunch, or dinner?

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Orange chicken with vegetables on a bed of steaming rice with whole milk and coffee. 🇺🇸

Just because there's snow on the mountain cap it doesn't mean there's not a volcano raging inside...Grin~

Being as how tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA (you know, the day the natives fed the immigrants to keep them from starving), okay, enough of that, tomorrow's dinner is going to be:   Prime r

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A nice treat for me. From the local Thai restaurant... SOOOOOOO good... We have fried wings with a honey, spice, basil, lime leaf coating.. Then the golden parcels which come with a sweet chilli dip and then the steamed dumplings (top left).. My god it was good :)



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Dinner tonight was jdgm's big chicken and avocado salad (see past entries for ingredients).

Now using organic apple cider vinegar in the dressing.....yum. [thumbup]


Also baked a 'my-own-recipe' loaf of white bread with seeds, cumin, olive oil and a small amount of porridge, baking powder, brown sugar, salt, plenty of yeast.

I get a loaf which I halve and freeze so the molecules supposedly line up and make it a bit healthier; each slice is like a meal. Specially good for toast or fried bread.


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Sunday breakfast: porridge with blueberries

fried egg, fried bread, eggbread, toast. Tea.


Dinner: breaded pork escalope, carrots, spinach, gravy.


Also cooked mince and onion casserole to freeze in portions. Yum.


I'm on top of it today in the kitchen.

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