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Is this a good trade for me??


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I don't own a 335. I'd like to.


That being said, which would I play more? I've played 335's and I know I'd play the Gold Top much more. What's the price difference? somewhere around $700 - $800? Gold Top used probably go for around $1600 - $1700, the 335 for $2300 - $2400? That's probably what would stop me, the price differential. Plus, while I would probably play the Gold Top more, as it fits my style of music. I don't have a 335 and want one. So, I'd probably keep it.


And IMO, the '57s smoke the Burstbuckers.

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It looked devilishly good, I know.............







But these are kinda nice too....





And these, well they are devilishly purty also......








Don't know either both are nice guitars. The Traditional Pro II and ES-339 in Satin are pretty much the same price if you look around as I paid pretty much the same for mine and seen another 339 the same as mine for 1299. like new and at Sam Ash. The Pro-II I have seen also sell round 1300-1400 here in the states.


That said the 335s have been slightly more and mine is one of the less expensive offerings with the unbound neck.

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I hope the OP drops in and gets us up to speed on how hes making out with the symptoms of the sickness. I'm sick, I admit it but I am NOT giving away Gibsons at a $500 dollar loss, not happening. Nope!!! Im freaking hard headed also!!!


I seen a guy at GC trade in a US Tele the other day in mint condition for a freaking MIM Strat without a case and "with cash". And you think this isn't a sickness.


Come here immediately if you have ANY such thoughts. [thumbup]

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