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I don't think that a Floyd can have an effect on the sound, my ex-gf had a Jackson without, and then she had one installed on the same guitar. Sounded exactly the same, but didn't stay in tune the same.

But that was almost at the end of the relation and I don't know if it was her that was new to that system, or if it just was the nature of the beast.

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the Axcess is a dream but i wonder if the sound is as warm as a Standard or Trad


and if the clean tones are really bright or not and if it's a good thing or not


my guitar has not very bright clean tones but it's good with distortion


i suppose good clean tones is really important for bright sound but is it what we want with Gibson guitars?

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i think most users like me like warm tones with a LP

listen to John Sykes or Gary Moore sometimes with the neck pickup or even BB King too


my conclusion is that a warm tone in the neck position is really good with some gain


but in the bridge position i'd prefer a brighter sound with gain for maximum harmonics


and that's often a problem with the 498t (except with the sg i have)



i have never played with burstbuckers pickups but i listened to a lot of videos with LP standard and trad and the clean tones are really bright


that's the debate bright / warm :) with a LP

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