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DJ Phatso

Hercules P32DJ

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Browser Knob = Playlist up/down - Directory up/down .

Browser button = Switch betwenn Playlist and Directory.

SHIFT + Browser Knob = Master Volume


LOAD A = Load track to deck A / Expand - Collapse (when in Directory view)

LOAD B = Load track to deck B


REC= Record

SLIP = Snap





Sync = Sync lock.


Cue = Stutter Cue point


SHIFT + CUE = Return to beginning of loaded song.


Play = Play/Pause.



Encoders section:


Loop Encoder button: Loop on/off

SHIFT + Loop Encoder button = Tempo Reset


Loop Encoder = Loop Half/Double size

SHIFT + Loop Encoder = Tempo



Filter Encoder button: Filter Reset


Filter Encoder: Filter

SHIFT + Loop Encoder = Move Forward/Backward




FX Section Mode:


Button 1 = FX1 on/off

Button 2 = FX2 on/off

Button 3 = FX3 on/off

Macro = FX Low band on/off


Knob 1 = FX 1 parameter.

Knob 2 = FX 2 parameter.

Knob 3 = FX 3 parameter.

Knob 4 = FX Dry/Wet.



PADS - Cue:


Pad 1-8 = Set and trigger Hot Cue 1-8.


Shift + Pad 1-8 = Delete Hot Cue 1-8.




PADS - Loop Mode:


Pad 1 = Half loop size.

Pad 2 = Loop on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from end of loop).

Pad 3 = Double loop size.


Pad 5 = Loop Move Backward.

Pad 6 = Leap on/off (when you end looping playback resumes from where it would have been without looping).

Pad 7 = Loop Move Forward.


Bottom Row (Pad 13-16): Beats marker



PADS - Slicer:


Pad 1-8 = Trigger Gross Beat Slot A1 - A8 (Gross Beat A1 - A8 on Deck B )



PADS - Sample:


Pad 1-8 = Trigger Sampler 1-8 (Same for Deck B )


Pad 13 = Sampler Preview Play/Stop

Pad 14 = Sampler Record Loop

Pad 15 = Sampler PFL

Pad 16 = Sampler Sync



Other controls as labeled.


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version 2.0, Updated for the latest version of Deckadance (2.72)




1) LOOP: Top 8 pads now trigger temporary loop roll (1/32 to 4 beat) while 8 bottom pads set permanent loop (1/32 to 4 beat)



DD2_Hercules_P32 DJ_v273.zip

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