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Hello! Please help with my special!


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Hi all... first post here on THE Gibson forum!


Nice place btw [cool]


Soooooooo... I got this junior about 16 years ago (wow time flies!) in part of a trade.

It was heavily beat up by the previous owner (especially the chip on the headstock) but I did use for a while because I do love the sound [flapper]


Then I moved on to playing bass...


I did use it a couple times a year for recordings but the last time was about 5 years ago.

I've decided that it needs a little love now (the output jack connection is getting capricious) and so I'll begin a good cleanup, new set of strings, adjustments of the harmonics etc.


As you can see, it is not original.


Nowhere on the headstock is it written "junior"... how come?

Also was these kind of mods (adding another pickup, switch etc) frequent?

Serial number appears to be: 313373 if that means anything to anyone (between '54 and '57?)

Another question to the super users of this forum is: what should I do with it?

I might keep it but I might sell it...

In your humble opinion how much is it worth?


post-77796-026749100 1458773502_thumb.jpg

post-77796-000331500 1458773503_thumb.jpg

post-77796-068964000 1458773503_thumb.jpg

post-77796-033933400 1458773504_thumb.jpg


Thank you so much for your time!






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Hello Franky, welcome to the board! [thumbup]


The serial number is a bit puzzling. The Gibson logo on the headstock would say she was made between 1969 and 1984... I'm sure some more experienced guys may chime in here.


In my opinion she's a keeper. I'm pretty sure about it because I'm playing bass guitar, too. [biggrin]


Rock on, mate! :)

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...Cap, I think 6 digits went out in 1976 or 1977...


The six-digit serial number system was discontinued in 1975.


The "Made In USA" stamp dates it to 1970+. The 3XXXXX serial numbers were used, post 1970, in 1974 and into early 1975.


By the way, I think what you have there is a "Special" not a "Junior"


As for value, if the guitar has been modified and/or had any major repair, check e-bay "sold" listings for actual sales prices... then divide by 2!


The guitar having two P-90 pickups would have been stock and normal. The bridge P-90 has been changed out for a humbucker. The tuning machines have also been changed, and the bridge replaced.


Keep an eye on this auction, and as an "unmodified" version, yours is worth about half of what this one sells for.


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Hi and welcome to the forum.


My guess is that L5Larry has pretty much nailed it.

There was a limited run (just under 2000 examples) of single-cut Specials (the "Special 55") produced in '74-'75 and that's almost certainly what you have there.

The MOP 'Gibson' logo is a further sign - the originals had a gold silk-screened peghead logo.

BTW : Juniors (and TVs if cream-coloured) are single-p'up; Specials are twin-p'up.


As far as value?

It's not an original '50s example and, as CB says, it's too much modified and damaged to be of interest to a collector and it's street value as a 'player' is unlikely to be high.


I'm sure it plays fine and sounds great. Keep it as it is and enjoy it.



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Wow you guys rock B)


So its a special huh... makes me feel that way too then!

Thank you for all the info...


The jury is still out there as far as what to do with it... you know, so many instruments... so little time...



Peace out and keep playin :-"





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Cap, I think 6 digits went out in 1976 or 1977 - if that read on the serial is correct.



[biggrin] That's why I limited my statement to the inlay's style only. Some years ago I've had enough hassle dating my six-digit L6-S. The serial number was of little help then as it could apply to at least three years of build [rolleyes]


The "3" as first digit of the guitar in question here definitely stumped me. [confused]

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Hey franky03.....Welcome ! IMO It's like Pip, Rabs, and the others have stated: For the sum your likely to get, it's not going to make you happy. You would probably be kicking yourself in the pants later, if you let it go.So keep it for the ambiance, the tone, the 16 yrs you've had it... So my 2 cents would be: Finish wearing it out man !msp_thumbup.gifmsp_biggrin.gif Oh yeah......my vote: AS IS !

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