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Already looking to 2017 for better SG model year


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Gibson absolutely turned the failire of the gforce on all models in 2015 into success by making a split model T & HP for 2016. Unfortunately the SG didn't have a stellar choice selection as in the past this year, so I'm already looking forward to 2017 for an expanded range.


One thing I'm REALLY hoping for is a return of an SG junior with one pickup. Or even a release SG CM with a zebra '61 like is offered in the LP range.


J&W here in Sacramento have a 2008 standard which the completely stripped and redid as a gold top. Creme accents, pickguard etc.. they also have an epiphone SG 50th anniversary with lightning bar tail and p90s thatnthey did the same treatment. They look like counterparts to 50's model LP. I'd really like to see that.


The naked LE this yeR looks good and hope they expand on that.


And lastly, I'd love to see some traditional style bursts (bournon, cherry, lemon).


What would you like to see?

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