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Synapse locking nuts


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Hello, before anything i must apology for my bad english.

I'm the owner of a white 5 strings synapse bass and the first time i tried to use single ball strings, four of five locking nuts located in the headpiece has broken in pieces. When the first of them made "crack" i think: "i'm too brute", so in the other strings i tried to be very delicate but the screw do not lock the string and the bass don't stay in tune. So i adjust a little more and other 3 nuts broke.

I can't find a replacement. Can't find the complete headpiece listed as shp-101. Gibson's 24/7 support doesn't answer my e-mails... so...

Does anybody have the same problem? How do you resolve it?

In Argentina (where i live) is very difficult to find double ball flatwound five strings sets (even roundwound) and in these conditions my bass has become useless.

Thank you very much and i hope you can understand my writings.

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