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Questions about Vintage SG


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Does anyone know what pickups came on the 1978 SG Standard pictured below?




Other questions:

1. The bridge looks different than others. Does it have a particular name or style?

2. Does "walnut" refer to the type of wood or finish?

3. The tuners look like Gibson's version of a Grover. Are these rare on SGs?

4. Is this a model incorporating a reinforced neck joint (sometimes referred to as blocky or chunky)?

5. There's a serial number stamped on the back of the headstock but no "Made in USA." Is that unusual?

6. I understand she was made in Kalamazoo. Anything special about guitars from that factory?

7. Excellent original shape with original case. Any idea of value in today's market?

8. What years are considered the "Norlin Era" and what does that represent?


I realize thats a lot of questions but I figure this is the place to find answers.


Thank you!

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The bridge is a German made Schaller long travel. They seem to be fitted routinely to the '70s SGs. The body and neck are walnut. The neck will probably be a 3 piece laminate. The neck is set further into the body - as can be seen by the fretboard being snug against the pickup. Upper fret access is still excellent. The headstock will have a volute to give a little extra strength. My '79 SG also does not have 'Made in USA' stamped on the headstock.

Apparently Norlin took control of Gibson in 1974, and sold it in '86. But there were murky corporate takeovers before '74. It's generally thought that quality began to dip after McCarty resigned in 1966. In '78, Tim Shaw took over R+D, and quality improved.

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Probably has the old "tar back" pickups in it (called "tar back" because of the gooey-looking epoxy on the bottoms), which are pretty much the same as a typical patent number post PAF pickup. The early 70's "Super Humbucker" pickups were a Bill Lawrence design, but he was out of there by the mid 70's and then from what I understand it was pretty much just an updated design of the ol' patent number HB's.



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That looks like Walnut. My '79 "The SG" is a walnut body. Albeit several pieces, (ahem) it has sustain that will rattle yer fillings UNPLUGGED......


I hate that bridge, no offense. Mine has a TOM. But.....


Mines a dot. So there ya go.


Best to ya.



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