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Gibson Label unknown

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I bought a used guitar from Gibson with "Truss Rod Cover Blank".

the serial number is 023771417th.


Guitar Info

Your guitar which made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

August 25th, 2007

Production Number: 117


Can you say please what is this model? (Standart, Deluxe, 60', Studio...?)

Which pickups were installed?


Pictures here -> https://yadi.sk/a/Qa7z8NAbqgWA3


Best regards


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Looks like a Classic. The tuners and Pickups could be a classic, in that case the pickups are 496R and 500T ceramic high output buckers. But the inlay, tailpiece, bridge and serialnumber look like a standard or traditional. Did you look inside the guitar? What does it say when you take out the pickups?

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As far as I know LP5+ means: Les Paul 50's neck. The '+' just means that at the time of making it to that point, the finish (paint job) etc had yet to be decided.


It isn't a 'plus' top. AV is the colour. I think A stands for "Antique" and V stands for "Vintage".

By the way, its a very nice guitar! [thumbup]

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