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I purchased this 2006 SCGC RS in mid February and have waited to post in order to get it set up to my liking and play it for a while.

Most of you on this forum know this, but just in case the RS is the SCGC's take on the Gibson Roy Smeck Hawaiian style models from the 30's and 40's. Many have been converted to play Spanish style. Jackson Browne is a big fan.


I knew I couldn't afford an original converted Smeck (I've seen them in the $8000 range), but I have been interested in the SCGC model. The new SCGC models have usually been out of my price range as well, but I found this 2006 with some buckle rash and a pretty good sized ding on the lower bout (not a crack that goes through). It also has an installed Baggs Anthem pick up which is a plus for me since I am a working musician. I know Gibson has the Jackson Browne with walnut, but I wanted mahogany, and the clips of the Gibson Smeck Reissues just didn't quite work for my ears (my Southern Jumbo TV...now that one works for me big time:)).


Anyway, I am more than pleased with this guitar! It just roars with that big body! If anyone has an interest in a Smeck inspired model, check out the SCGC! Sorry my photography skills are not so great.




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