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Don't you need extra space and meat up there at the pointy end right where those silver ridge things stop so you can fit all this in there, meat that isn't there on a guitar not made for them?



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Good point, Rct!


Those 2015 Gibsons had wider necks.




The string spacing is the same though. The 2015 nut width was 1.795", the 2016 HP is 1.745" (I think).


This means if you have a standard old 1.675" nut (Gibson) you would need to file down the surplus at each end. That would be .025" each end of a 2016 nut.

This wont be as easy as it sounds because titanium is extremely hard. It can be done though.


If you had a 2015 titanium nut, you would have to remove twice that surplus (.050" each end). I imagine you would work up quite a sweat working that. You might use a abrading tool bit in a power drill, though you would need to pause periodically if inducing too much heat.

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