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Guitar Tech Station 4-6-2016

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A few years back I bought a portable Grundorf work station.




It is a very cool portable work station for sure, but using it on top of my guitar case cabinet it too high for me.

Either I need to grow another foot, or the cabinet needs to shrink a foot, and I do not see that happening.


Using the Grundorf on the floor is OK, but a little hard for me :D

So...after Googling and ogling over the type of tech stations big bands use, I dropped the coin on a Circle Three Designs one after conversing with owner Christopher Shalhoub.

He had one in stock that I liked, so I placed my order for it.

Christopher has supplied a lot of bands with his gear including Joe Bonamassa.


Here are the specs on it:

3/8" ply guitar tech workbox (OD: 36" x 29" x 50") with

4" casters (2 locking), Chauvet overhead LED light bar,

magnetic toolbar, recessed rackmount power distributor

on the back center of the work-surface, plush silver work surface

and lid interior, recessed power inlet on the back,

3 drawers with slides rated at 200 LBS, drawers are liked

with 1/2" black polyethylene foam, removable front lid

with folding and telescoping steel table legs built into it,

10 recessed handles, 8 recessed latches, and heavy duty

ball corners.

I will be able to stand at a comfortable height when working on my guitars, and have the extra storage in the drawers for stuff.

One can never have enough extra space for "stuff" :D

I also like how it has an LED light to help me see what I am doing.

The LED light strip has multiple colored light in it which you can display one color at a time, or all combined.

Also you can put it in a mode where the lights dance back and forth while changing colored.

There is also a sound activation mic that can time the lights to music.


I am very pleased with this tech station, plenty of room, and a nice work area for my guitars.



Circle Three Designs

Tech Stations

Circle Three Designs on Facebook


Onto some pictures:




Front view with the front/table on covering the drawers




Front turned around showing the legs inside that convert it into a table




Front view with many stickers I have been saving




LED lights and magnetic tool holder




Six outlet power strip

That little plastic box to the right I thought was a fuse holder, as I had no power to the strip.

Opened it up later and it is a switch for the outlets, very nice, and I had power galore!




Where do all the pedals go when you swap them out, they go to the bottom drawer of the guitar tech station

Sung to Nirvana's Lake Of Fire song.




Middle drawer for cables

The drawers are deep at 7.5".




Top drawer for tools, strings, and miscellaneous items

FedEx dropped off yesterday some new tools from Stew-Mac including that guitar shaped parts holder, three nut drivers, and pliers and cutters.




Green LED lights on

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Red LED lights on




Multi colored LED lights on




No need for a neck rest, but just to be safe...

I found out I really do not have to use the Stew-Mac guitar neck rest as when the guitar is laying flat, the foam is high enough to let the entire ride neck and headstock above it.

But just to be safe going to keep using it.



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Very nice stuff, Corey!


Just a thought about the neck rest.


Before I started making setups on my own, I have crafted a neck caul.




After a few setups, I've came to the conclusion that it's not the best thing to use when leveling frets. It's fine for other works, though. The problem is that a section of the neck is supported, while the body is raised. It results an up-bow in the neck when You add pressure with the leveling beam. I rather lay the instrument's body on a flat surface, with the guitar's headstock hanging over the desk's edge.



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Thanks guys, this is way easier than before to do any work on my guitars.


Premier Guitar sent me around six of their stickers, and I ordered three sizes of some AC/DC die-cut stickers from Amazon.

The latter are very professional, and would also stand up to being on a vehicle window out in the elements.


Two new stickers on the middle drawer.

Also did not realize that the bottom drawer is way deeper than the middle two ones.





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