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pre-1970's Left Handed Firebirds


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Hello all,


I am the original owner of a 1968 Gibson Firebird that I had custom made by Gibson to be left handed.

I am trying to find out if there are others out there. The best that Gibson could tell me was that

9,019 Firebird guitars shipped from the factory between 1963-1969. They did not keep production

totals, just shipping totals, and had nothing specific in regards to left hand models. Does anyone

know of any other left hand, pre-70's firebirds? Any 1968's? Thanks!

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Sorry I can't answer your question, but I was thinking about who might be able to help you. There are some lefty guitar specialists out there who you might contact, such as:








Also, the well-known lefty player/collector and Firebird enthusiast (he created his own model called the 'Tikibird') Elliot Easton is a member and participant on the Les Paul Forums. I'll bet he might be able to share some info with you.



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