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Some more Montana Factory Footage


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Thanks for Sharing. I really enjoyed watching this. So much goes into making a guitar. I'm so proud of my J-45 now that I got it fixed. It plays so dark, the tone is unreal. Not to change subjects but the day I got a master Luthier to do a set up with a bone saddle, nut and pins, and added Elixir phosphor bronze 80/20 strings, I truly feel that I have an amazing guitar sound. It beats anything I have played.


(However I did like a Collings CJ-35 but overpriced in my opinion.) (My Martin CEO has a beautiful sound too.) But my J-45 is so crisp and booms with undertones. I have a friend who has a very high end Taylor who borrowed


it for a church event was really so amazed at the tone.


I think what separates Gibson acoustics are the tone. Its like none other. Seeing all the steps now in the factory is really cool and makes me appreciate my J-45.


I did not see any titanium saddles there in the factory for a Progressive J-45. Ha Ha Ha. Maybe that is another episode!!!!

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Very nice, thanks for posting. Interesting to see Don as the tour guide, didn't think that was part of his gig....



Don does a little of everything at one point or another. But yes, most of the things that would fall under "Montana Ambassador" usually are done by him.




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