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Setting up a bridge properly


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Hey guys,


Last night while I was cleaning my Explorer and restringing I think I accidently hit into the bridge screws and slightly lowered the bridge because my low E string keeps buzzing and appears to be hitting the other frets. I checked the neck and it appears fine. Also as I said It's only the low E string. I'm not sure how to properly set it up to proper hieght. Can anyone explain how to do this?


thank You in advance,



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raise the high e side a tad' date='

action is relative, as long as you set intonation[/quote']


Good point. Although the manufacturers always publish a standard for setup, in the end the relief, action and pickup height that work for you is totally subjective and a matter of feel. That being said, it's a good idea to know how to set your guitar up for exactly the situation that prompted you to ask the question. You probably got a little pamphlet or booklet with your guitar that includes a section on setup. I find that regardless of the brand, those settings are a good place to start when setting up a guitar. You need a good quality 6" steel ruler that reads in 1/64", which you can get at a hardware store. You'll need some small screwdrivers, too, which you can get at the same time. Another good source for setup tools is Stewart-MacDonald. Once you do it a couple of times it becomes second nature and you'll also immediately recognize when something's changed, which can often happen with seasonal and humidity changes.

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