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Spirit XT-2DB Bass - Detune Issue


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Hello All !


I recently purchased a second hand Spirit XT-2DB bass. It is almost brand new and plays great.



My problem is that I am not able to detune lower than "D#".


I found a PDF nammed "Steinberger DB Bridge User Guide" on the internet that confirms that I was doing the right things to set the drop tuning but the it is still not going lower than "D#".


In this PDF document, there is mention of set screws to ajust the friction against certain part inside. Could it be that I will have to play around with those to see if it will help?



Any ideas ?



Thanks !





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After a couple of weeks with no answer from this forum, I finally got a bit of time today and decided to take the bridge apart to see what was going on.


After I understood how the mechanism works, I found out that the tuners are supposed to have a few washers between the tuner knob and the bridge plate but the ones for the "E" string were squashed as if someone tightened the tuner way too much. This caused the tuner to touch the bridge plate and prevent the small part inside the drop mechanism to conmplete its course to the end thus blocking the drop to a "D#".



I replaced the washers and now the drop goes all the way down to "B" as advertised for this bridge.


Problem solved.

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