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Calender Results are In!


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Joe Coffey from Premier Guitar Magazine just sent me the list after his staff voted on our calender pics.

Jocko will take it from here. ThunderGod, KSG, and RichCi, it's in your hands now. There were a bunch of ties with several votes. While I would like to post the results, Jocko, I'll let you take it from here.

Thanks again for your submissions. Look forward to seeing a great 2009 Gibson Forums Calender.

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Excellent... so I take it that GuitarJunkie isn't building the calendar?


Be sure to keep us in the loop regarding payment (where to send' date=' how much, etc.)[/quote']


I hope GuitarJunkie is still in the loop to make the calendars. That would be the best method.

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