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Anyone able to tell me more about this guitar I have?


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At some point, I acquired this Epiphone electric guitar in a trade. I never really did anything with it. It's just been sitting around, and I'm finally going through and cleaning out some old stuff I don't use.


Here is a link to an album: http://imgur.com/a/29aSH


Can anyone help me to further identify this guitar? I'm planning to sell it and I'm not really sure what it is specifically... Here's what I can tell you just by looking at it:

1. Has a Steinberger tremolo system which you can lock in place.

2. You can individually toggle on/off each pickup

3. One of the knobs pop in and out

4. It is all one piece (neck and body join without hardware)

5. It has a sticker with a number on the back of the headstock (WO 200388)


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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