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Anybody try Fishman Fluence Humbuckers?

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Yes, I have a set of the Classic variety in a PRS Bernie Marsden (very similar to a Les Paul.)


They're fantastic. Don't think I've ever been happier with a set of humbuckers, ever. They also give you plenty of options if you're willing to wire up switches for them, such as two different main voices for each pickup, useful sounding coil splits, and a high cut

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Thanks Hoyte. Good to hear the positive feedback. Have you experience with a lot of different humbuckers?


Been playing for about 30 years now. I tend towards lower output humbuckers with as much clarity as I can get. Not so much into the blistering output thing. As a point of reference, most of my Gibsons have had 490/498s or 57 Classics, only because I can't afford something like an R9. That's the tone I prefer.


The cool thing about Fluence HBs is that being active, you don't really have to give up anything. The Classics have the kind of tone I associate with PAF-style low output pickups, but the actual signal strength available is enormous. So if you really want to drive an amp hard, you can, while still having the clarity and snap you get from a PAF type.


I got my set for $150 on eBay, and put them in a relatively inexpensive PRS. I like them so much I'd consider a set for a higher end Les Paul now, or perhaps an SG.

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