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Update on my Leopard Gecko

Guitar God

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As some of you know, I got my Leopard Gecko, Kano, 3 weeks ago - yes, the name came from Mortal Kombat - at Petsmart. I thought I'd just share a quick update and some pictures. So far, so good. Doing great. [biggrin] Already handling him and getting used to it. Eating great, too. Now, I was skeptical about getting another lizard from Petsmart because as some of you may remember my first Bearded Dragon that one was named Gator - I got came from there last year and he/she ended up passing away a month and a half later and though Kano is a Leopard Gecko, I was worried a similar situation would happen. But, everything is going great! Active, alert, eats great, and already being handled and getting used to it. I think he's a Blizzard morph because Kano is a grey color. I seen something online talking about morphs and it showed one very similar to Kano and they called it a Blizzard. If any reptile enthusiasts here that are knowledgeable on morphs and want to correct me on that or tell me if I'm right, go right ahead! Anyway, here are some pictures:








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