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Fractal wood burning with electricity


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Im always looking at different things to do with wood on youtube and came across this... (im thinking of starting to get in to carving)


That does look like fun.. Id like to try it but id probably electrocute myself....



And yes before you think of it.. Someones already used that technique on a guitar body [rolleyes]

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Some kid is going to see this and try doing it and kill themselves.

That would probably have been me had the internet been around when I was younger [rolleyes]


I am now just old enough to realise that I shouldn't go anywhere near it, that would be bad :)

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9v battery? Check

Steel wool ? Check.

Baking soda and water? Check..

Spread steal wool out on wood that has been treated with baking soda and water,make a pattern you like, touch the steel wool with the posts of the 9v battery.....for added fun, paint the pattern with gelled hand sanitizer first........msp_scared.gif

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