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sg classic discontinued!?!?!!


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Technically it has been on Gibsons list of discontinued guitars since 2001' date=' but it's been in regular production as a musiciansfriend exclusive since then.[/quote']

Correct. Also, sometimes other dealers get their hands on them as extras or whatever, and since MF bought out Music123, you can get them there as well. But they haven't been considered part of Gibson's regular product line since 2001. IMO the GOTW 67 SG Special is a better version of the Classic.

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Its basically a Special with neck binding and p90's. But not that there's anything wrong with that! Only reason i'd want a setup like that though is if I wanted a Townshend style SG, in which case it shoulda' had the wraparound bridge.


It's still a great guitar though, i'm sure even though its discontinued they'll still be around for awhile to come. They just wont be fresh out of the factory anymore.

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I think these were G/C, Musicians' Friend exclusives for the past few years.

I was really hoping to get one, then I found out they were discontinued on those websites to make way for the new Les Paul Jr.

I lucked into this one at the G/C in Nashville on Dec 31st '08. Only one they had left in the store.




They sold for $899.00 to $999.00 during their run.

Neck binding, full nitro finish, 2 P-90's...Great value IMO (should have come with a HSK for that price, but, "Oh well").

You might think P90 = Single coil P/U = thin, but they RAWK!

I keep mine tuned to open G for slide stuff, Stones, Black Crows, Buckcherry...nails it perfect.

Please Gibson...bring this one back. The SG line should never be without one model with P-90s available!

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