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SG Faded - Tuning Issues


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Hello all,


I bought a sg faded, worn finish brown, about a week or so and have to say I am quite found of it especially the feel of the neck, light weight and sound of this instrument.



Even after changing the strings, keeping factory gauge 10's, wounding them nicely,

and playing it enough for the strings to settle down, I find it very unstable regarding

the tuning.


Then I went on several forums, and saw various explanations, one of them would be the nut needs

to be worked on ? ...others talked about the tuners ? I'm quite confused.


Hope some will help./


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The strings aren't supposed to lay completely inside the grooves, rather about half way. It could be a nut problem still though. If they are wound well on the tuning posts and seated well in both the nut and saddles then I would suggest diffrent strings.


A good idea when you change your strings is to lubricate the nut with graphite. I use a mechanical pencil and just rub the pencil "lead" (it's actually graphite) in each slot.

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Ah ok, i thought they were supposed to lay completely, after checking my jazzmaster...(not very skilled on the subject yet...)


Otherwise I indeed tried the pencil trick in each groove , after that I didn't notice that big a change though...


Concerning the posts, maybe I did too much winding, (3-4 on each) i don't know if this can be it, and the strings, are earnie balls regular...don't know if some brands hold better...


anyways, thanx for your help guies, I'll try another brand, wind a little less on posts, after that I'll take it to

a shop, although I'd really like to acquire knowledge to solve this kind of issues instead of paying...


It's a shame, I love the sound and feel, but can't gig 'til i fix this, otherwise it's tuning after every song,

not really nice...



thanx again


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Don't give up hope yet, read this advice my local luthier sent me a little while back:



Andrew' date='

The problem with the nut may be that the slots are cut incorrectly for the guage of strings you are using. Graphite will not help in this situation. we can take a look at it and make some suggestions. Also try rubbing a bar of soap across the nut slots when you change your strings. It does wonders for most tuning problems. Also old strings get rusty and bind up in the nut. even if the rust is not visible or you wipe the strings carefully, microscopic pits and rust particles on the string cause a great deal of friction. hope I have answered your questions, Jim





I have yet to try that, I'm not sure if it matters what kind of soap to use be it plain Ivory soap or a bar of Dove. I've also tried Chapstick for my 12-string. I applied it by twisting the end of the stick so the stuff would come up enough, taking a needle, and getting the chapstick on the end of the needle. I then applied a small glob to each nut slot, spreading it through the whole slot with the needle. I've noticed a difference so far, but I still get a small amount of binding. AXE recommends 100% Cocoa Butter (which comes in Chapstick form), and I'm gonna try either that or the soap on my next SG string change.

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I wouldnt recommend chapstick or other petroleum based products as they may damage finishes. cocoa butter or beeswax may be a better option.


If using Ernie Balls, the strings quality is unlikely to be an issue as this is one of the most popular strings out there and generally considered to be pretty reliable.

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