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A little help with ES 175 plz ?

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Hello friends ! Im Nicholas here from Brazil and i am dating this beatuifull guitar. Like im not an expert on Gibson guitars,im am looking for a little hellp. I just want to know if this is a real ES 175. The seller claims that she is a custom guitar, but i think all 175 are custom right ? There is the adhesive stamp inside of her telling that. I couldnt find her serial number on guitar dater.com, but again the site claims that no custom guitars are supported. She is a 2009 guitar (SN 02269705) and more yellow on the sides and the back, others that i saw are more black, her knowbs are golden. I openned the bell and there is a golden screw inside hehe.And she has this "aura" around the headstock logo that looks like adhesive stamp that is a little corroded, but i think it isnt cause it wont scratch off haha. Well, thanks for your time ! [biggrin]

post-76555-000053900 1463925103_thumb.jpg

post-76555-076433000 1463925116_thumb.jpg

post-76555-095432700 1463925199_thumb.jpg

post-76555-029008200 1463925524_thumb.jpg

post-76555-066769700 1463925699_thumb.jpg

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Hi Nicholas,


I am no guitar expert but I happen to have a 2005 ES 175 I bought new and it looks identical to yours (except mine is flame-maple natural finish). Mine was built in Memphis, Tennessee, in Gibson's "custom shop." So it's not a custom-built guitar, but rather, was built in the custom shop. I think your guitar not a 2009 model but is in fact older than mine as the serial number you gave is "earlier" than mine.


best of luck,,,



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Looks real enough from the pics. It's a standard ES 175, probably built at Gibson Memphis.

Can't see much detail but the bridge should probably be moved back a bit.


You may already know that the 'golden screw' beneath the 'bell' (truss rod cover) is the adjuster for the truss rod.

Don't touch it unless/until you know and understand what it does, and never unless absolutely necessary.


Best wishes!

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