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Save that of their own imposed boundaries as a result of a cruel and heartless god who never bothers to listen to they're prayers. In an unchecked universe of pain and hunger composed of only two things the macro' date=' bent on devouring the only other part the micro. Supercollisions and absorption the only rule of the universe. The tiny children of special needs stuck in the boundary waiting the next act in the theater of pain and dried tears.

=P~ [/quote']


I do my best James Joyce and get no response. I know it wasn't 'Ulysses', but throw a guy a bone.

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I'm seeing a pattern.


In the power vacuum created by the end of American Imperialism otherwise known as Bush moving back to Texas, the British are again rising from the Emerald Isle to reclaim drifting corners of the Kingdom.


Starting with the Fender Forum and expanding to all the worlds formerly safe bulletin boards, chat groups, and porn hubs they cast their fortunes once again into the wilds of the internet.

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