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Used Guitar with 57 Classic ... & surprises

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When we don't have money, things can be worst !( I want a LesPaul but i can't )

Here we go:

I bought an Agile Al-2500 (used one) which have classic 57 & 57 Plus in it... (this was the reason for the purchase)

But by lack of experience or ear, I have found that the pickups were not in the right place:

C.Plus being at the Neck and the Classic at the Bridge ... Furthermore, the sounds of the C.Plus at the neck is not good at all to me (too round and dull glaring lack of clarity (Treble)

Anyway I decided to fix everything, but I see that the 57 Classic is cut and is too short to put it in the neck ... I can't do nothing !

I have been shocked ! ... the C.Plus at the neck sounds very bad & it's more then warm !

Someone has a solution?

Can I add a piece of wire & welded them together ? (can I use electric tape ?)

Can i let the pickups at their bad place and desoldering the wires and inverse the pot solder .. vice versa ? ... Is the sound will change or you will be altered?

.. in fact I do not know what to do !

Thank you


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Yes, you can solder of tape wire to the short wire to make it longer.


Either way, you have to do a good job of it. Tape likely won't last and if you solder it, you also have to be sure you have a good connection and the (+) and (-) aren't touching each other.


Of corse, the BEST and "right" way to do it would be to replace the whole wire, which can be done, but it involves delicate surgery, and you have to be very careful you don't mess up the coils of the pickup because that is where you would be working on it, AND if you do break one, it will make the pup useless ...unless you can fix THAT problem. Which, some can...sometimes.


Other suggestions: lower the pickup from the strings (many tend to have the pup adjusted too close), make sure you have the correct value pots, (500k is a good spec and "original" but many use 300k), and/or lower the value of the tone cap.

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