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POD HD500X Questions

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I recently picked up a used BluGuitar AMP1 that I now have sat on my pedalboard and while it's not quite as good as my old Orange TH30, it still offers some great valve tones and the compact nature of the set up is something I REALLY love. As most of my playing will now be in the home due to moving to The Falklands, I'd like to experiment with a bit of recording. My original idea was to keep my compact amp and effects for playing live and use a Presonus iTwo as an audio interface to record to my computer. However, because the AMP1 is proving to be better than expected, recently I've been wondering about the possible wisdom of going the whole hog and buying a Pod HD500X to use for everything. This idea raises a few questions:


1) How do the amp models on the HD500X stand up to a real valve amp or the AMP1?

2) Can the HD500X be used for recording as I want?

3) What's the best way of getting a live sound from the HD500X - hooked up to a traditional guitar amp, connected to a power amp and then into a guitar cabinet or into an FRFR system like an active PA speaker or keyboard amp?

4) If the answer to the previous question is a PA speaker then what sort should I be looking at? I seem to vaguely recall in the past someone saying that active PA speakers with a 15" speaker was best or is it better with a 12" speaker like a traditional guitar cabinet?



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