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Epiphone EP SC210 - Any Users?

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Hi all,


I'm looking for an amp with a JC120-ish vibe but minus a lot of the weight. Currently I'm looking at a Peavey Studio Chorus 210 and some Fenders: Princeton Chorus, M80 Chorus, Ultra Chorus. I just found an Epiphone EP SC210 on Music-Go-Round for about $150, but know very little about this unit. Does anybody here have any experience with it? Rough idea how how heavy it is? What can anybody tell me about the sound?


Four years ago I had a Peavey Classic Chorus 130. I didn't need all the power and could probably get by just fine with 50/60 watts. The Classic Chorus sounded phenomenal, though - I even liked the drive - but it was so friggin heavy! I wound up selling it when I moved from my home town, but I miss the sound quite a bit. A couple things drawing me to the Princeton Chorus, the SC210 and the Peavey are the headphone outputs for late night playing (I live in an apartment in downtown Oakland, California) and the dual 10" speakers. (Love the attack compared to 12"). The only drawback I see with the SC210 is that the effect loop doesn't have stereo return jacks like the Peavey or the Fenders, which would have allowed me to get a bit more out of my DOD Stereo Flanger. But I can deal with that.


I would just go for the JC40 but I didn't like the digital reverb, and until they start becoming available used for cheap I don't think they're a good bang for buck.


Thank you!

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Hey Ian ---


Since you live in Oakland, I would strongly suggest a trip to Guitar Center in Emeryville to try out a bunch of amps to get an idea of what's available at what prices, how heavy they are, and what they sound like. The EP SC210 is, like the JC series, a solid state amp, and those can provide plenty of volume at a lesser weight than a tube amp, but you're the one who has to make the final decision as to what sounds good to your ears and what "too heavy" is for you.


I would recommend checking out Roland Cubes of various configurations, as well as a Fender Mustang, Peavey and Line 6 modelling amps (my Line 6 Spider II with a single 12" speaker and 75 watts does a pretty good JC-style clean, with or without chorus), and some of the Vox solid state ones. Your ears will tell you pretty quickly which ones come closest to matching the sounds in your head, and once you know what those are, you can look for used ones if you want to save more $$. If you especially like the 2x10" speaker arrangement, there are some good ones from Laney, Blackstar, and others.


Good luck with your search --- let us know how it turns out!

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