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1962 Gibson SG neck crack opinion

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i can have a very good deal for this guitar

but i want to be sure it doesn't hide anything worst that it shows

im not a gibson expert and i never owned one but i know there are soem stuff to consider... for instance like it's very easy for a 62 to have some cracks...but i'm wondering which cracks are considerable ok or a bad crack


please see these photos





also here you can see the mods... i don't get if this model had a tremolo or a regular wrap around bridge

can anybody know what can be done to bring it back as much a possible to a factory setting?




of course i'm not looking for a collectors item here, i want a player grade axe but i want to be sure im buying something hat can keep value at least


how much would you value this guitar?

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Well, something like those cracks, really have to see it in person. I doubt you could get a reliable answer over the net.


As for the rest of the guitar, it looks like it at one time had a wrap around bridge, then was modded to have a more "standard" TOM bridge and tailpiece, THEN modded to have the Bigsby.


So, it means this is either an SG Special or a Jr. Or was, anyway. A Jr. would have one pickup, and while the pups are obviously replaced, it kinda looks like they are in a slightly different spot.


Can't give an opinion on holding it's value, being as you haven't said what the price is to hold it's value to. But, just a guess, it's a long way from origonal, and would not think it was worth any more than a typical used one. It has no original pieces (unless by chance the tuners), and the body is broken and repaired, with lots of extr holes.

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I'd pass. Neck joint crack looks unsightly, but not super bad.


But follow the crack... I think there's more to it than just a finish crack.


Sure, a '62 is cool. But not with that crack.


Just my opinion, though.

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