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So I drove the 4 hour round trip to my nearest music store today, as I do every three months or so. I was looking for a pedal accessory for my Line 6 amp, but they were out. I started trying out guitars while I was there. I played 3 Korean Gretsch guitars of various configurations. I wasn't overly impressed with any of them. Then I tried a couple PRS SE models. I didn't like the necks or the tone of either. Then I tried an American Special Strat. Not impressed, although to its credit, it didn't have the horrible fret buzz I've come to expect from Strats.


Then the salesman walked in the door with this beauty! It was love at first sight. Such a lovely beige finish with black inlays. In fact, the inlays are so well done you'd think they were printed on there. The matte cellulose finish is to die for. Its a full hollowbody and it has a unique percussive tone. According to the sticker it was made in Indonesia, but who cares where it came from when its this good. And the best part...it was absolutely free! I seriously would have paid good money for this incredible instrument, but they insisted that I could just have it. What a great day!



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Nice Score!

And it only required a 4-hour round-trip to snag it? You obviously have a keen eye for a bargain, StRanger!




I'm guessing due to the top-panel configuration that it's been modified from how it would have originally left the factory and it's now a weight-relieved example?

Take good care of it. After all; they don't grow on trees, you know!


And rct will want to know if it came with a case.....



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Dang it all, I thought THAT was the case and he's just showing us all up!!! If that beauty ain't the case, no pun here, where are the case photo's at? Don't care about the guitar, we've all seen those, it's the case that counts these days [flapper]



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Thanks for all the complements. I feel so honored to own such a thing of beauty. In fact, I've decided its too good for me and I'm going to give it away next week to a worthy new owner. All you have to do is be the winning bidder on eBay for my ESP Edwards (starting bid $749) and I'll give you the incredible box for free!

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