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Steinberger tuners


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I've had a Steinberger tuner fail and don't know how to find a replacement. StewMac no longer sells them and I can't seem to find an alternate supplier. Can anyone offer any suggestions?



They are available through authorized Gibson service. Looks like Gibson is using all of them for their own guitars now, no longer selling them through StewMac. As long as you have them on a Gibson guitar (and are able to provide the serial on request) you should be able to get them from Gibson service. For all others… ebay, with some crazy prices recently.

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Thanks for your reply. I investigated a few potential sources and came up dry. As was mentioned, the few sets that are showing up on eBay are priced incredibly high....often 2 1/2 times what they could be bought at StewMac for a while back.


Ordering from Gibson probably isn't an option for me. My tuners are on one of my partscasters, a Bigsby Stratocaster, so I don't have a Gibson serial number to provide them with.


I got lucky and just found a guy on eBay with a couple of single tuners at a real world price. They're gold, but I'd much rather have one gold Steinberger on a guitar with black hardware than a set of inferior all-black replacement tuners.


I bought one of the tuners on eBay, and probably would have bought the other for a spare, but money's tight since I only retired a month ago. If anybody else is interested in the last one, the eBay item number's 252448612150 and it's 28.00 USD.


Thanks again for your help.

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