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Gibson Memphis ES Les Paul Crooked?

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Hi All,


I recently purchased Gibson Memphis ES Les Paul Pelham Blue but noticed it does not fit straight in the case it came with. It barely touches a side of the case with large opening on left side of the head within the case.

I tried placing my Epiphone Les Paul in there and it stays there straight.

I was worrying if theres a defect with my ES Les Paul.

I also noticed that no one sells the brown case that ES-Les Paul comes with.


Also, I have read many posting saying Gibson's QC is horrible but I kind of see it now. My Epiphone from whatever factory seems to have better build quality.


Anyways, any advise suggestions appreciated.

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If you have a genuine Gibson guitar it wont deviate from design.


is the guitar new?

is the case a Gibson case?


If the answer is yes to both questions then get back to the dealer and tell him. He or Gibson should sort that out. Any case that doesnt properly hold the instrument securely is not fit for purpose.



Gibson cases are not a 'universal' fit. Make sure the one you have is paired to the guitar you have. When I bought my 339, the serial number of the guitar was on a docket within the supplied case.

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