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Graduation Day

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Whether I use the video camera on my iPhone, or GarageBand, I use an external usb mic- either the Apogee MiC, or more recently the Shure MV5, which at $99 is a reasonable option. And thanks.

An iPhone and a usb mic offer up a pretty decent amateur recording option that's inexpensive, assuming you ready have the iPhone.

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So far it's had wood, Tusq, an unglazed ceramic, and now it's back to the original glazed ceramic which sounds the best to me.


Now there's a new nuance for me = glazed vs unglazed ceramic. I can see it make sense.


Have 2 ceramics and I think they must be considered unglazed. The one purchased this spring really got my 63 home.


Might sound far out, but this 66 saddle suits the guitar better than the original.


Add to that, that the newly installed rosewood bridge and b-plate are about to be broken in - plus the fact that I sat the 2 under-top-nuts back in - and you might have the reasons this blessed'n'beautiful oldie now sounds like the dream it is supposed to be. Gone is the cheapish hollowness that haunted the G-string after the bridge replacement and I sense it will get even better. Feel very lucky here. .


Regarding bone saddle, I preferred it over tusq after a comparison a few yeas ago. I'm sure this has a lot to do with the individual instrument though.


But glazed ceramic - thanx for bringing it up and making me aware, , , , , and now you mention it, I'm almost sure the two magnificent 1964 cherry J-45's I tried some time ago had the glaze.

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