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Andres Caldera

Help me find original pickguard bracket cap nut for ES-335

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Hi All, I recently got a used ES-335 Custom Shop Year 2008 (Model number of the orange sticker: ESDT335) and is missing both the internal hex nut and the cap nut that hold the pickguard bracket firm, and is killing me (see picture attached).


I would appreciate if anyone can help point me to any information on how to find the original flat cap nut as well as the hex nut that come with this guitar, even the right specs would be appreciated.


Yes, I reached to Gibson support over email and phone, they haven't been too helpful, they explained to me they don't provide this and referred me to a 3rd party vendor (http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/) who sells a different type of bracket, I actually bought it on desperation to find out that is completely different to what my guitar has - has a horrible acorn shape and is a different size altogether :-(


PS. I'm really surprised by the lack of interest from the manufacturer in keeping customers happy, just for reference of good customer care, I lost the nut on my snowboard binding (which I paid $100 for) and the manufacturer (GNU) sent me overnight - at no cost - a full hardware package - Isn't that an amazing contrast?


Thank you!



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Isn't it a bolt through the post, then a nut to lock it in place, then threaded to the pickguard?


Maybe that threaded rod is a bolt with the head under the pickguard...just wondering.You could bring that threaded rod to the hardware store (or a specialized bolt store) and get a stainless the sme size steel bolt with a flat hex head and nut. You could polish on 2000 grit sandpaper or Dremel polish. msp_biggrin.gif

That's the pits with Gibson not doing a simple customer request.

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