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Nighthawk Setup

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Hi folks,


Just thought I'd share an experience with setting up a Nighthawk Studio in case it is of help to anyone else.


I've got a 2011 Nighthawk Studio Goldtop which looked fantastic, but the frets were way too tall. As I got the guitar super cheap, I coughed up the money for a Plek fret dress, which brought them down to a manageable height. This improved playability no end, but something still wasn't right.


Looking closer, I noticed the repair store had set the action to 5/64" on the Low E and 3/64" on the High E (at the 15th fret) - just the same way you'd set up a Les Paul or an SG. Given that the Nighthawk neck has the same 25 1/2" scale length as a Fender, I tried setting the action to 4/64" across all strings. (As you would a Strat or Tele with a flatter radius neck)


Lo and behold, the feel of the guitar now makes a whole lot more sense. Everything now feels right.


Again, not sure if this technically the right or wrong way to do it. Either way, it worked for me. Just wanted to share in case it helps anyone else.




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Congrats on the 2011 Nighthawk Goldtop..

I haven't found an issue like you with "The Hawk", Nighthawk or Blueshawk..

I do set mine up differently for each though..

I find that .010"s work best on the Hawk & Blueshawk but have .009"s on the Nighthawk Standard..

The action IS slightly higher on the two guitars with .010"s but almost imperceivable..

JFYI the hawk series came with .009" Brite Wire Gibson strings, I usually use D'Addario as the price is the best for the quality..

Need to get a few pictures of our The hawk with super pickup mods.. We put P-Rail with triple shot in the bridge & A Little Thunder in the neck along with a dual output jack kinda like the Ric-O-Sound.. Transplanted the 490T into a Jackson DK2M..

ROCK ON ole flattop..


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